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    We often walk blindly past the best of all treasures.

    "In All Seriousness"

    ("Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."
    Matthew 5:3)

    I had a notion long ago, like an ocean full of logic,
    that God needed informants, sleuths to testify of
    loose gears in the machinery to management. I dearly loved
    the agency,
    the sanity I thought was saintly. I never clicked my tongue
    or filed a report but I plainly
    explained every missed question on the test;
    and wondered how they test-taker graduated with all the rest.

    Some of them became teachers, these ones with private files
    printed upside down upon my desk. I confess I read them, if
    not to the rest, to myself. Some of them led millions,
    these ones dressed with waterproof ties, shades over their eyes,
    while I thought my casual garb was more naked than theirs,
    covering less than theirs; showing more of my bleached ankles
    and skinny wrists. My mind was insulated just as well,
    buried deeper than the death knell. My tears distracted the
    prying eyes.

    When did I believe I was richer than I had begun? What piles
    of treasure,
    uncalled-for leisure on mountain slopes and summer isles
    had I amassed? My balance is higher, square footage greater,
    new car faster; while I've read more books, learned more tunes,
    bought more songs, and composed my poetry better than
    I've composed myself. Because,

    In all seriousness,

    The nightmares I walked off on high school nights
    are the same dreams I hide because old men should be
    over them by now.

    C 11-18-15 Mark a. Phillips

    mark p.


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