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    Sometimes I forget.

    "I Replaced Myself"

    ("He knew what all people are like. He did not need anyone to tell him about any person, because he knew what was in a person's heart." John 1:25")

    Tell me who I am, now, recite my name and my place;
    The days are no longer kind, the nights bring no relief,
    I stumble over my feet and my words,
    I repeat the twice, and they still sound foreign; mere bookmarks
    for things I once treasured in my mind.

    The world is far too large now, I'll never be now, the
    places I've never been.
    I replaced myself with another more times than
    anyone should. And now, towards the end,
    when I want to befriend myself, I am short
    on the few who knew I was harmless.
    I am less than I ever was, when I hoped to be
    a mentor of a few.

    I am old and still apologizing
    for not fitting in. I'm a jigsaw piece without
    a puzzle,
    a horizon blocked by the downtown mall.

    In this corner pain repeats its chorus and verse,
    tied to a silent hill, tangled without a player
    to hear the songs I wish I wrote; miles from lonely,
    and desolate between here and there.

    Tell me who I am, replace me where my joy resides,
    take me to success again; when the spoke well of me again.
    I am the loneliest man I know, and the only one in this
    foamy corner. My heart is a frozen knot, my tears the
    thaw of the thoughts I once considered true. My mind
    is lost now; cast off now.

    I've practiced forgetting, I've erased the names and places;
    but they invade with a vengeance the peace I hoped to make.
    I've displayed forgiveness, I've buried people and words;
    but they are live each morning and I die by degree.

    Change me, make me madly in love my final days.
    Move me, place me closer to the souls I know like mine.
    Take me, (and I mean home), I am tired and there are no more

    Successes left for me.

    mark p.


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