• [CHRISTIA] new poetry, "All & Every"

    From Mark@1:396/4 to Practical Christian Life on Sun Jun 14 12:57:45 2020
    From: lamppoet@CENTURYTEL.NET (Mark)

    All I need is All of You.

    "All & Every"

    ("The Lord God says, 'I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the One who is and
    was and is coming. I am the All-Powerful.'" Revelation 1:8)

    Take this heart invisibly, the One created-not-born,
    and unbreak the fissures, or fill them presently
    with the passion unending.

    At every point on every line,
    every line on every plane,
    every plane on every facet interface with me.

    Higher than my suspect prayers,
    deeper than my conceived potions,
    sweeter than my anger disguised as righteous,
    kinder than the hidden thoughts behind flashing eyes;

    Be to me everything I cannot be,
    within each molecule, the air between elements,
    the charged plasma between electrons darting around
    the center of each atom,
    be all in me, all for me, all me and only me.

    And delete me as well as I delete my digital words
    with calloused fingers on the keyboard. Delete the
    me that uses me as a portrait of best things when
    the rest of things are undone.

    All, my solid footing. Every, my absent nothing.
    And as darkly as I see through the glass smudged with
    strong-minded sludge, be my light behind the shadow
    and the joy for the window of my soul.


    mark p.


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