• August 18th - Saint Agapetus, Martyr

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    August 18th - Saint Agapetus, Martyr
    (d. 274)

    Saint Agapetus suffered in his youth a cruel martyrdom at Praeneste,
    now called Palestrina, 24 miles from Rome. He had dared to reproach
    for his cruelty towards the Christians, one of the Emperor Aurelian=E2=80=
    favorites, who immediately gave the order to arrest him. He was
    flogged with leaden-tipped straps and =E2=80=9Cscorpions=E2=80=9D; his cons= tancy and
    his prayer under torture converted five hundred pagans, who declared
    themselves Christians and were executed at once. The young martyr was
    thrown into a horrible prison where a celestial vision fortified him.
    After a second questioning, he was again scourged, then laid upon the
    rack that his body might be torn with iron nails.

    He still lived and was again ordered to sacrifice to Apollo; his
    refusals won for him still more torments: live coals on his head,
    suspension by his feet, boiling water poured over him. His courage was superhuman, his answers admirable. Wild beasts in the arena spared him
    and lay down at his feet, and still more pagans were converted. He was
    finally beheaded, and his body buried by the Christians, in a field
    where they found a new tomb prepared as though for his sepulchre. Two
    churches in Palestrina and others in various places are dedicated to
    God under his name.

    Saint Quote:
    The soul of one who serves God always swims in joy, always keeps
    holiday, is always in her palace of jubilation, ever singing with
    fresh ardor and fresh pleasure a new song of joy and love.
    --St. John of the Cross

    Bible Quote:
    Jesus answered them: Amen, amen, I say unto you that whosoever
    committeth sin is the servant of sin. [John 8:34 ] DRB

    Prayer Against Envy

    O my God, Thou so lovest the world that Thou gaveth Thy only begotten
    Son so that all who believe in Thee might not perish, but may have
    eternal life. Thou maketh the sun rise upon the good and the bad, and
    Thou raineth upon the just and the unjust. Yet I am filled with
    jealousy while others prosper. I want everything to come to me, and I
    am saddened by my neighbor's least good fortune! O what inhuman
    malice! O infernal poison! Forgive, o most loving Father what up to
    this point has been my sin. Gentle is Thy mercy. From the depths of
    that mercy, grant that henceforth I may be robed in kindness as a
    chosen one of God. May I also, above all, strive to have charity,
    which is the bond of perfection. (Col. 3:14)

    Ant. Remember not, Lord, my offenses, nor the offenses of my fathers,
    nor takest Thou vengeance upon them.
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