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    On Thursday, January 16, 2014 at 6:56:29 PM UTC-6, Mark Phillips wrote:
    "When I Listen to James Alley Blues"

    ("Let Bezalel, Oholiab, and every other skilled worker whom the Lord has given skill, ability, and knowledge for the work of building the sanctuary
    do all that the Lord has commanded." Exodus 36:1)

    Play the music within, the rhythm, the one step, two step;
    run your fingers, slide them from fret to fret, hammer down,
    bend the strings, the portamento of meadow birds seeking a mate.

    There is no audience, there is no band,
    the chairs are silent, the club stands at the bus stop in
    the middle of another white choking blizzard. All the snow
    has been shoveled, one corner to the next, and piled high in front
    of every venue's door.

    No one can make it in tonight, no one is leaving home;
    only those trapped within tonight, will sing and man the phones
    that will not ring; midnight until gray dawn.

    Play the music again, the ivory as yellow as granddad's dentures,
    the keys full of sidewalk cracks. The blues is invented on nights like
    the grace notes on granite uprights are more good-natured with the oil
    of a thousand fingers anointing them from smoky goodnights until
    unexpected hellos.

    Honestly, I would rather sneak up and play with those who stay behind
    and find the songs that mother taught mother once her aunt and uncle
    passed down the tempo that history insisted upon. I had heard it all speed and trap; they played it lazy and snapped just behind beat number three.

    And I sat there, relearning the songs I thought I discovered back between Berkeley and Haight-Ashbury. Instead it was Carolina and the Virginias
    where the skilled workers passed the simplest movements down through
    vinyl and time.

    mark p.


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    Just curious.. the title to your peom is James allan blues,is there more? I liked it and find your writing very good!!
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