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    What will we do when we find Him.?

    "In Between Cracks"

    "And the King will answer them, 'I assure you: Whatever you did for one of
    the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.'" Matthew 25:40

    Did you think a love letter would suffice,
    a perfumed missive, something chocolate and nice?
    Were their eyes the blacked-out windows that grabbed your hand,
    or the stench of a single room filled with infants, toddlers,
    teens and dogs; a single mom hoping for something more.

    When did you start giving in to mythology that made her
    as welfare queen? What throne do you think she reigns upon?
    What kingdom does she rule? They have left the dirt just inside
    the threshold. They have no driveway, no sidewalk; just the
    murky ruts from occasionals who stop and stare.

    Did you find time for your own mudding? Driving four wheels
    over logs and stones; burning gas, smoking the hills with your
    tires and chums?

    And yet Jesus lives in the shack, Jesus dwells in between cracks
    that turn our noses. Jesus goes without a bath, eats soda crackers
    instead of cereal, and sleeps between the drips from the mildew
    and moss
    that captured the past-tense shelter.

    You would put restrictions on your help; urine tests and job applications
    (and never ask how the homeless buy gas for cars that do not run.)


    That's right. Now, listen to the four-year old breathe; just his tiny
    His lungs are wet and human. He exhales the sighs of too much life in too little time. He is Jesus, if you will only


    And listen

    To his breath.


    mark p.


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