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    A soul in search.

    "Spinning a Narrative"

    ("I know what you have done, and that you are neither cold nor hot."
    Revelation 3:15)

    I would listen and, knowing what others
    had said they had heard,
    would scar my soul over the silence that
    did not flow
    but was the weight of summer obscurity.

    I thought my sight was blurred,
    my ears unhearing the very thing
    I wished to find.

    Lock me in my room, and do not let me out
    until I've spent the night in the sweetest reverie
    I've read about from men of old,
    women like angels told,
    and stories unfolded by names I heard quoted
    at meetings of the devoted.

    I paced, I read, I played three chords;
    instead of songs or lengthy prayer
    my eyelids like lead scratched my waiting watch.

    I was certain no one had longed as deeply as I,
    yet there was only the shallow dribble of my own mind's
    constant turbine spinning a narrative that has followed from
    then until now. What I believed, hope and sought was
    never as glowing as
    the fireside stories; of parables in street shoes
    and the buried treasure always discovered for the effort.

    I have chased You, only Father, not well. I am tired,
    I am weary, I have gone this far on this tiny soul's
    capacity alone.

    Let me rest now, my breath is shallow. The rain has beat
    upon the windows through the night
    and the puddles are deep in the sunken footprints

    Of a man who carried a mislaid burden much too far
    up the mountain.

    And yet the tears remind me there is so much love
    I could never be satisfied, never filled, never stalling;
    for the laying down of my burden is the only action
    that leaves no footprints for the torrents to fill.


    mark p.


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