• Case against Qatar Qirways dismissed

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Thu Apr 11 22:58:43 2024
    A judge in Australia has dismissed a case brought by a group of Australian women against Qatar Airways. The women went to court because they were forced by Qatari authorities at Doha airport in 2020 to undergo an invasive gynecological examination before their flight.

    Authorities were searching for the mother of a newborn who was left in an airport bathroom stall. They did not want to let the women board the plane until they had undergone the examination.

    Five women went to court in Australia to sue Qatar Airways. An Australian judge dismissed the case because the women were not searched on board the plane. As a result, the airline cannot be held responsible. The judge indicated that they could bring charges against the operator of Doha airport.

    The incident sparked international outrage in 2020. For Australia, it said it was a reason to ban extra flights from Qatar Airways.

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