• Boeing pays $160.000.000 compensation to Alaska Airlines

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    Aircraft manufacturer Boeing paid Alaska Airlines $160 million in compensation in the past quarter to ground the 737 MAX 9. Alaska Airlines said first-quarter results suffered significantly after a door panel came loose during a flight in January.

    Alaska Airlines expects to be further compensated by Boeing during the course of this year. Since the incident in January, dozens of MAX 9 aircraft have been grounded and many flights have had to be cancelled. Loose parts were also later found on other MAX 9 aircraft. CEO Dave Calhoun of the troubled aircraft manufacturer recently announced that he is leaving the company. Several other top executives are also leaving.

    Boeing warned last month of financial setbacks due to various investigations into the group and of slower production of its 737 MAX aircraft. Boeing is now busy improving safety procedures. For example, last month the manufacturer announced a new bonus system, in which safety and quality are the most important. Previously, three-quarters of additional rewards were based on financial performance.

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