• European court of justice rules on MH17

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Fri Jan 19 01:30:13 2024
    The Dutch government is allowed to keep certain information about the run-up to the flight MH17 disaster in Ukraine secret. The European Court of Justice has ruled in favor of a case brought by RTL News.

    Investigative journalists from RTL Nieuws had asked what reports the Netherlands had received about Ukrainian airspace before the air disaster. The government does not want to release those reports. This is not necessary for information that affects aviation safety, the court ruled. "Even a news organization has no right of access to such information", the ruling reads.

    After the downing of the passenger plane with 298 people on board by pro-Russian rebels almost ten years ago, the question soon arose as to why flights were still being made over eastern Ukraine. There had been fighting there for months between Russian-aided rebels and the Ukrainian army.

    The court in Luxembourg was asked for advice by the Council of State, the highest Dutch administrative court. The court's decision is final and an appeal is not possible. With the explanation from the highest European court in hand, the Council of State now has to make an official decision on it.

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