• Cubana's IL-96, the only civilian UIL-96 in the world, is back

    From Ward Dossche@2:292/854 to All on Mon Dec 4 20:07:23 2023
    Cubana, Cuba's airline, can also resume flying with the Ilyushin Il-96. After being in Russia for maintenance for more than a year, the plane returned to Havana over the weekend. There it was festively received with a water salute.

    Earlier this fall, Cubana also received a Tupolev Tu-204 from Russia after maintenance. That aircraft returned in September after 4 years (!). The Cuban airline now has two Russian aircraft operational again. A large part of the fleet is still grounded.

    Cubana is the world's only airline still using the Il-96. The Russian 'Airbus A340' anywhere else only flies for the Russian government.

    Since the departure of the Il-96 (registration CU-T1250) to Voronez in Russia for maintenance last summer, Cubana has mainly used an Airbus A340 wet-leased from the Spanish Plus Ultra for international flight operations.

    The Tu-204, Cubana's other deployable Russian aircraft, is now in Tehran for a state visit by the Cuban president to the friendly nation of Iran.

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