• Some info about Embraer's "Legacy" which crashed yesterday in Russia

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    The Brazilian Embraer Legacy 600-model executive jet, such as the one that crashed carrying Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin, has recorded just one accident in more than 20 years of service, according to website International Aviation HQ.

    Aircraft manufacturer Embraer (EMBR3.SA) said it was aware of a plane crash in Russia involving a Legacy 600 aircraft, but had no further information on the matter and had not provided support services for the jet since 2019. Embraer has complied with international sanctions imposed on Russia. Sanctions block Western aircraft manufacturers from supplying parts or support for aircraft used in Russia. As a result, the manufacturer has not been able to carry out maintenance on the aircraft since 2019.

    According to International Aviation HQ, there is only one recorded accident involving a Legacy 600, which occurred in 2006 when the aircraft collided mid-air into a Gol (GOLL4.SA) Boeing 737-800, en route from the Embraer factory in Brazil to the United States. Despite the damage to the aircraft, the pilot landed the Embraer aircraft and there were no fatalities or injuries. The commercial Boeing airliner was downed, killing all 154 passengers.

    Two years later, a Brazilian Air Force report blamed two American pilots, controllers and poor communications for the mid-air collision. The Embraer plane had been flying 1,000 feet too high probably with the transponder and TCAS off. Only after the colission did the Embraer aircraft set its transponder to 7700 meaning it was in distress.

    When Prigozhin's aircraft left Moscow it also had no transponder on and only at close to 13,000 was it switched on.

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