• Shoot-down of Ukrainian 737 in Iran in 2020 - convictions

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Tue Apr 18 23:27:03 2023
    Iran has sentenced ten members of its armed forces to prison for their involvement in the downing of a Ukraine International Airlines Boeing in 2020, Iran's judiciary has reported. One commander was sentenced to ten years in prison and nine others were sentenced to one to three years.

    The 2020 crash killed all 176 people on board after Revolutionary Guards air defenses mistakenly shot down the Ukraine International Airlines Boeing shortly after departing Tehran. The Iranian government later said it was a "disastrous mistake".

    The incident came at a time when tensions between Iran and the United States were running high. There would have been something wrong with the radar systems and someone working in the air defense would have made a mistake, according to a recent report by the Iranian aviation authorities.

    Many Iranians and Canadians were on the plane. Thirteen victims came from the European Union, mainly Sweden.

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