• Smile Airways ... with a blow to the head

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Thu Dec 29 18:41:52 2022
    Several passengers on board a Thai Smile Airways flight from Bangkok to Calcutta got into a fight this week. The incident occurred while taxiing when safety regulations were explained. It is not exactly clear what the actual reason for the fight was. Possibly a passenger did not want to put his seat in the upright position.

    Images show that the tempers between a number of men are starting to rise. The louder they shout, the more people will get involved. At a certain point, the first blow is dealt, and panic sets in among the cabin crew. They try to restore peace by means of the intercom and during the fight itself.

    Meanwhile, one man is having a hard time and receives several blows from various fellow passengers.

    In the end, the cabin crew reportedly calmed everyone down and the flight was able to continue on its way without further delays.

    Thai Smile Airways says in a response to NDTV that it regrets the incident and that staff have provided support to those affected.

    Editor's note:

    The flight took-off and continued? ??

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