• Slideshow AOPA Flyin 2022 Spokane Felts Field

    From Daniel Traechin@1:229/317 to All on Mon Dec 19 03:03:51 2022
    I made a crappy quality slideshow and landing video from my trip to Spokane this year. My cousin took all the pics and video since he was sandbagging.

    He owns a Luscombe and had a strong interest in going to the flyin with me.
    It was a great trip.

    We left Sacramento for Portland/Hillsboro to grab lunch and a tank top off.
    We left for the San Juan Islands over at Decatur. He has an interest in
    buying real estate there. Then shoved off to Felts Field. It was a nice day
    to fly. It was over 108F in Sacramento when we planned our departure so we
    left in the morning and climbed high enough to enjoy cool air.

    Enjoy the vid, sorry in advance for the poor production quality. Video prod
    is intensely boring.


    Daniel Traechin

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