• Airbus to scale down production

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Mon Nov 28 19:14:22 2022
    Airbus has to further scale down the delivery of new aircraft, because the supply of parts is still not in order. This is reported by Reuters news agency based on sources within the company.

    These are mainly aircraft from the A320neo family, by far the most important production unit. In addition to the delivery of new aircraft, the supply of spare parts is also halted.

    The Indian airline IndiGo, the largest user of A320s (around 250 aircraft), has to ground ten percent of its fleet for this reason. The company will therefore temporarily lease Boeing 777s from Turkish Airlines.

    Airbus and competitor Boeing are currently struggling with the supply chain not functioning properly: the delivery of parts. As a result, the assembly of new aircraft is delayed. Both companies also suffer from a shortage of personnel.

    According to Reuters, the European manufacturer must outperform itself to meet the delivery targets of 2022 and Airbus is already taking into account the delivery of aircraft later than planned for next year.

    Last July, Airbus announced that it would shift the planned production of 65 aircraft from the A320neo family from the summer of 2023 to early 2024. In 2025, output should then each 75 units per month.

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