• Websites US airports taken down after Russian DDOS attack

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Tue Oct 11 10:05:54 2022
    The websites of a number of major US airports went black for a short time on Monday after a cyber attack by a pro-Russian hacker group. The Ddos attacks hit airport websites in several major cities including Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix and St Louis.

    In a ddos attack, a website is taken offline by flooding it with data. The airport websites were targeted after pro-Russian hacker group KillNet published a list of sites. The group called on its followers to attack it. The attacks only affected the public websites of the airports. These provide flight and service information and do not affect operations.

    KillNet last week claimed responsibility for attacks on a number of US government websites. The collective is targeting other countries resisting the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) did not immediately comment.

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