• United 777 returns to Newark after sparks and parts fell off

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Thu Sep 22 17:57:58 2022
    A United Airlines Boeing 777-200ER returned to New York's Newark airport on Wednesday after sparks and debris fell from the plane.

    Sources state that it is a fault in the hydraulic system of the aircraft. The aircraft (registration: N787UA) returned safely to the departure airport after the incident. UA149 was en route from Newark to Sao Paulo when sparks were emitted from the aircraft shortly after departure. The aircraft then circled over the Atlantic Ocean for some time before landing safely at New York Newark an hour and a half after departure.

    The plane is currently on the ground. The aircraft is scheduled to fly to San Francisco again this Friday.

    The same aircraft made an emergency stop at Schiphol at the beginning of this month when smoke was detected in the aircraft during take-off.

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