• US commercial pilots still need 1.500 hrs before being licensed

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    The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Monday rejected a request from Republic Airways to cut copilot training time in half. The FAA disagrees with Republic's argument to grant copilots a special pilot's license after just 750 hours of flight time. By adhering to a minimum of 1,500 flight hours, the safety of passengers on board will be ensured, according to the FAA.

    Republic argued that military pilots only need 750 flying hours to receive a license and is convinced that pilots in its own training also have enough of this. By offering a specially structured flight program, through Republic's own flying school LIFT Academy, pilots should be prepared for the real thing in 750 hours.

    The FAA dismisses this argument, stating that Republics training does not equate to military training. "The proposal to halve the number of flight hours is not in the public interest and will have a negative impact on safety."

    Republic Airways is a regional airline that operates flights for the regional brands of American Airlines (American Eagle), Delta Air Lines (Delta Connection), and United Airlines (United Express) among others. In total, Republic operates nearly 1,000 daily flights to 100 US cities.

    Republic Airways, like other airlines, suffers from a pilot shortage. With the request to the FAA, the airline hoped to partially solve the pilot shortage.

    The FAA also doubts whether there is really a connection between the number of flight hours of pilots and the recruitment process, the Washington Post reports.

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