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    The American FAA wants passenger aircraft in the future to have an extra door between the cockpit and the cabin. This should guarantee the safety of the pilots, now that the number of violent incidents on board is increasing.

    The FAA has been studying the new regulations since 2018. Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, the existing cockpit door has been reinforced to keep out attackers, but now an extra door may need to be added as a second layer of protection.

    If the rule is approved, aircraft flying within the US will have to be thoroughly modified. "Cockpit crews help passengers arrive safely at their final destination, but the pilots themselves must also be protected," said Transport Minister Pete Buttigieg.

    A final decision is expected to be made within two months.

    Editors note:

    Flt #-victims
    LAM 470 33
    German Wings 9525 150
    China Eastern 5735 132
    Royal Air Maroc 630 44
    Egyptair 990 217

    These are just some of the flights where suicidal pilots locked themselves in the cockpit and killed everybody on board. An extra door is going to increase the likelihood that regaining cockpit control during such an event becomes impossible.

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