• Shortage of pilots for US airlines

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Mon May 23 20:33:13 2022
    Airlines in the United States are currently having so much trouble getting qualified pilots that there are plans to adjust cockpit requirements. For example, the mandatory number of flight hours to be hired by airlines may be lowered and the retirement age will actually increase.

    Republic Airways, a carrier that operates regional flights on behalf of Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and United Airlines, has said it has had a crying shortage of pilots for months and is therefore unable to operate some flights.

    Last month, Republic asked the Federal Aviation Administration for permission to hire pilots from its own training academy who have clocked 750 hours of flight time instead of the 1,500 hours now required. The FAA has not yet given its approval for this.

    It seems to be mainly regional airlines that cannot find enough pilots, because the major carriers steal the candidates with better working conditions right in front of them.

    Earlier this year, Delta Air Lines withdrew the condition that pilots must have completed a four-year college degree. The KLM and Air France partner said it attaches more value to years of experience in the cockpit and can thus more easily recruit pilots.

    Meanwhile, Senator Lindsey Graham lends the industry a helping hand. He proposes to raise the retirement age of pilots from 65 to 67 to give airlines more leeway.

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