• A brand new 747-800 with only 42 flight hours to the scrap yard

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Thu Apr 21 21:32:50 2022
    An almost new Boeing 747-8 in VIP version has returned to the US after ten years of being parked in Basel Switzerland. The plane was flown to an aircraft graveyard in Arizona. It remains to be seen whether a new destination for the jumbo will be found.

    The Boeing 747-8 was not exactly a sales success. A total of 36 passenger aircraft were built for Lufthansa, Air China and Korean Air. In addition, 107 firm orders were placed by freight carriers such as Cargolux, UPS, Atlas Air and AirBridgeCargo.

    In addition, Boeing offered the 747-8 as a VIP aircraft: the 747-8BBJ. Various Arab government leaders and US President Donald Trump fell for the charms of the four-engined air giant.

    The Saudi Crown Prince Sultan Abdul Aziz also decided to purchase one. The plane would go to Basel after the delivery to get a VIP interior there. However, the crown prince died before he could receive the aircraft. As a result, the Boeing remained in Switzerland.

    Attempts to sell the aircraft were unsuccessful. Owner AFG Aviation Ireland Limited now reports that the aircraft has been sold to manufacturer Boeing. It is not yet clear whether it is trying to sell the plane again.

    Production of the Boeing 747-8 will be discontinued at the end of this year, ending the production of the iconic jumbo jet after more than fifty years.

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