• Aeroflot banned from flying to the UK

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Fri Feb 25 08:45:26 2022
    Aeroflot is no longer allowed to fly to Great Britain. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced. The measure is one of the sanctions against Russia, which started a war on Thursday against neighboring Ukraine.

    Aeroflot's only UK destination is London Heathrow. Also other scheduled flights and charters of companies or persons from Russia or that have links with that country are not allowed to fly to or over Great Britain.

    It remains to be seen which sanctions the countries of the European Union will take against Russia, and what effect this will have. Aeroflot, as the country's largest airline, flies to almost all major cities in Europe. S7 Airlines, the second largest air carrier, also has several European destinations in its schedule.

    Earlier, Europe already banned Belarus, causing flights to Minsk to be suspended.

    The question is how Russia will react if all airlines are banned from the EU. Many air routes lead across the country between Europe and Asia.

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