• Wizz Air in Ukraine

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Fri Feb 25 07:54:02 2022
    Price fighter Wizz Air is investigating whether and how the personnel who are still detained in Ukraine can be removed from there. The Hungarian company operated flights until the last moment, despite the imminent invasion by Russia. With the closure of airspace, four aircraft are also grounded in Ukraine.

    Usually Wizz Air flies to many destinations, especially Eastern Europe. The company says it is doing everything it can to remove staff and their families from Ukraine. Wizz Air has employees on the ground in Ukraine, among others. It is not known how many people are involved.

    The company has dozens of bases spread across Europe. Many other airlines fly back and forth from their home base and therefore have few or no staff on site. Wizz Air previously operated 110 routes at six Ukrainian airports, including 50 from Kiev and 32 from Lviv.

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