• Passengers who practice 'self-upgrade'

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Sun Jan 23 12:28:21 2022
    A United Airlines flight from New York Newark to Tel Aviv turned around back to Newark on Thursday night after a 1.5-hour flight. Two Economy passengers had taken a seat in Business Class and subsequently refused to leave their luxury seats.

    The two Israelis thought they could sit fine in Business Class, since the Boeing 787 was still largely empty, and refused to show their ticket to the cabin crew during a check. Eventually a conflict arose, after which the captain decided to turn back.

    After nearly three hours of flying, the Boeing landed again in Newark. There, the other 121 passengers were accommodated in hotels and/or rebooked on other flights. Strangely enough, the two Israeli troublemakers have not been charged.

    --- DB4 - Jan 20 2022
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