• Ticket sales for flights to/from Japan are stopped

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Wed Dec 1 11:48:43 2021
    Japan continues to be locked down amid concerns about the new omikron variant of the coronavirus. Authorities are asking airlines not to sell new tickets for flights to Japan for a month, the Ministry of Transport reports.

    Japan is one of the countries that are going the furthest to keep omikron out. The country closed its borders to foreigners this week. There is still an exception for foreigners with a residence permit, but according to broadcaster NHK, it will be canceled on Thursday for travelers from countries in the south of Africa.

    Airlines ANA and JAL have since confirmed that it is no longer possible to book tickets on international flights to Japan for the time being. Despite the strict measures, omikron has already been able to reach the island state. The authorities have reported two infections. According to Japanese media, it concerns a diplomat from Namibia and a traveler who has been to Peru.

    Japan also had a very strict entry policy earlier in the pandemic. About 77 percent of the population has now been fully vaccinated and some groups are also receiving booster vaccines.

    --- DB4 - Nov 27 2021
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