• American singer arrested for misbehaviour

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Tue Nov 30 20:26:55 2021
    The American R&B singer Ari Lennox was arrested at Schiphol Amsterdam on Monday morning. According to the border police, the 30-year-old artist was taken away for disturbing public order after she accused airport staff of racism.

    According to the police, Lennox was arrested because of her aggressive behavior and because she was drunk. "She did not want to calm down," a spokesperson told reporters. It is unclear how long Lennox will remain in custody.

    Her Twitter page shows Lennox, who has 700,000 followers, calling airport staff rotten fish. "Fuck Amsterdam security. They hate black people," she writes, among other things.

    The singer receives a lot of criticism in the reactions on Twitter for her oversimplified statements. Several twitterers say they do not recognize this image of the staff at Schiphol.

    Lennox's management has apologized on behalf of the singer for her behavior. However, the tweets have not been deleted.

    --- DB4 - Nov 27 2021
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