• Airbus on 100% biofuel

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Sun Oct 31 15:37:44 2021
    Airbus conducted a test flight with an A319neo, with one of the two engines running on sustainable fuel. The flight is part of a pilot project in collaboration with Dassault, Safran, ONERA and the Ministry of Transport.

    At the moment, so-called SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) may only be used legally mixed with regular kerosene, with a maximum mix of 50 percent. It is now being examined whether it is possible to fly on pure SAF, which in this case is made from spent fats. This is done through experiments on the ground and in the air.

    Among other things, it is examined what the use of SAF does with CO2 emissions and the formation of contrails, the white aircraft stripes that can sometimes result in veil clouds. The first results are to be presented in 2022.

    --- DB4 - Oct 12 2021
    * Origin: AVIATION ECHO HQ (2:292/854)