• United Airlies enforces vaccination

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Wed Sep 29 12:07:59 2021
    United Airlines announced in August that it would introduce and enforce a vaccination requirement. Nearly 600 employees ultimately refused a corona jab, and are therefore now losing their jobs.

    The vast majority of United personnel have been vaccinated. United top executives Scott Kirby and Brett Hart call it 'an historic achievement'. "Our rationale for making vaccination mandatory was simple: to keep all people safe."

    Earlier it was found that less than 3 percent of the 67,000 United Airlines employees did not get vaccinated for religious or medical reasons. Those who have not been vaccinated for medical reasons will be sent on unpaid leave from October 2nd.

    A total of 593 vaccine rejecters will be kicked out of the company unless they change their mind. "It was a very difficult decision, but keeping our team safe has always been our priority," Kirby and Hart said in a memo.

    According to United Airlines, their departure will not affect the airline's operations.

    United is currently the only major US airline to mandate vaccination. Delta Air Lines will charge a $200 fee each month to unvaccinated employees beginning November 1.

    --- DB4 - Sep 03 2021
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