• British Airways to fly its A380s into 2027

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Wed Aug 4 14:53:36 2021
    Fans of the A380 do not have to worry about British Airways saying goodbye for the time being: the British have just extended the maintenance contract for the Airbuses until the end of 2027. Lufthansa Technik will continue to service them in the Philippines.

    The contract was due to expire next summer, but has now been extended for more than five years. In this way British Airways wants to ensure that its A380s can continue to use the facilities of Lufthansa Technik in Manila in the future.

    The news is not really a surprise, because British Airways has already indicated that it wants to take the A380s back into service as soon as air traffic has recovered from the corona crisis. Signing this contract does not stop with words, but there is also the formal confirmation.

    Unlike some competitors, British Airways did manage to make the A380 a commercial success. The British are taking advantage of their strong hub in London, and the fact that it is the financial capital of the world. As a result, there is sufficient demand all year round.

    The airline has a total of twelve A380s. They are currently out of service. Most are now stored in Spain, after they were first parked in Chateauroux in France. There are also a few in Doha in Qatar.

    It is quite possible that British Airways will soon be the only European airline that flies with double-decker Airbuses. Air France has finally said goodbye to it. At Lufthansa, the A380 fleet has already been halved, and it is very uncertain that the remaining aircraft will ever return.

    --- DB4 - Jul 07 2021
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