• Crew and passengers sleep on aircraft after being diverted

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    A SkyWest Airlines pilot reports that she was forced to spend the night on a plane after her flight was diverted due to bad weather to a remote village in the state of Colorado. Various American media reported this on Saturday.

    The cabin crew on the SkyWest Airlines flight in question also slept on board the plane in Colorado. Captain Jessica Taylor said she has never experienced anything like this in her 15 years at the helm.

    Thunderstorms forced the flight from Denver to Raleigh, North Carolina, to land in Hayden, Colorado, where it was forced to spend the night.

    SkyWest Airlines Flight 5332 flew on behalf of United Express, a regional label of United Airlines. Flightradar24 showed the aircraft turning and deflecting a number of times before landing in Hayden via Nebraska and Wyoming.

    It was a challenging week of flying, pilot Taylor wrote on social media. After more than eight hours of flying, the crew and I had to sleep on the plane. Yes, you read that right: we slept on the floor of the plane! The Embraer E170 does have a First Class with adjustable seats, but you can't sleep in it all night, since the backrests can only recline fifteen centimeters.

    SkyWest said no hotel rooms were available, and has apologized to the passengers who were also staying overnight in the aircraft. Hayden also has two hotels: The Quarter Horse Inn and the Hiway 40 Lodge.

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