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    For the third year in a row, Delta Air Lines has been named the best airline in the US by travel website The Points Guy. Allegiant Air, a low-cost carrier, came in last due to delays and a lack of power outlets.

    Delta has invested in flight operations and in the customer experience, said Nick Ewen, editor-in-chief of the platform. But surprisingly, Delta also scored the worst of all US airlines on one point: it was the most expensive airline in the US.

    Southwest came in second for customer service and low baggage fees.

    The last one was Allegiant Air, a low-cost carrier operating from Las Vegas that operates both scheduled and charter services. Oddly enough, in 2020, Allegiant won another award from another medium for being so good. Frontier, also a low-cost airline, came second to last.

    According to The Points Guy, Allegiant and Frontier's poor scores are due to several factors, including high flight delays, heavy cancellations, and lack of onboard Wi-Fi, entertainment and power outlets. Also, no miles can be earned with Allegiant Air unless the passenger has a special Allegiant credit card.

    The entire top ten:

    Delta Air Lines
    Southwest Airlines
    United Airlines
    Alaska Airlines
    American Airlines
    JetBlue Airways
    Hawaiian Airlines
    Spirit Airlines
    Frontier Airlines
    Allegiant Air

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