• 737 landing at sea near Hawaii

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Sat Jul 17 23:46:04 2021
    The fleet of the American airline Transair has been grounded. The FAA has identified shortcomings at the company, which may have resulted in the emergency landing that a Boeing 737 had to make at sea in early July.

    On July 2, the crew of a Boeing 737-200 was forced to land in the sea due to an engine failure that occurred shortly after departure from Honolulu. The two pilots were rescued but were injured in the incident. The plane sank to the seabed.

    According to the FAA, Rhoades Aviation, the parent company of Transair, has been under a magnifying glass for some time. There would be all kinds of things wrong with the maintenance regime and safety culture at the company.

    For the time being, Rhoades is no longer authorized to carry out maintenance on its fleet, which means that it can no longer be flown. The company has operated cargo flights between the various Hawaiian islands for more than forty years.

    --- DB4 - Jul 12 2021
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