• European vaccination passport

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    The European heads of government have not yet reached agreement on Thursday evening about the introduction of a kind of European "vaccination passport" with which people can travel freely within the European Union. Greece's initiative received support from other Southern European countries, but there are still too many questions about it.

    The proposal came from the Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis, with the aim of reviving tourism in the future. The vaccination passport, actually more of a certificate, would not be required to travel, but it would make it possible to do so without restrictions. This will also "be a positive incentive to ensure that citizens get vaccinated," Mitsotakis said.

    Although the plan received support from Portugal and Spain, among others, there is not enough support from all European government leaders, as it turned out on Thursday. This may come later, but then the plan must first be worked out in more detail.

    The tourism industry has responded positively to Mitsotakis' plan, but at the same time it is very sensitive, because the introduction would distinguish between vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

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