• Disruption of air travel by Trump supporters

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    Supporters of US President Trump have caused unrest on several flights to and from Washington in recent days. Fox News reports on incidents on American Airlines and Alaska Airlines aircraft. The latter company wants to put passengers on a black list.

    Trump supporters flocked to Washington from across the country this week to demonstrate against the Nov. 3 presidential election results. The protests ended in a storming of the Capitol on Wednesday, in which five people were killed and dozens of people arrested.

    From Thursday, the protesters returned to their homes, but this was not always orderly. On an Alaska Airlines flight from Washington to Seattle, fourteen passengers were guilty of harassing crew members. They also refused to wear a face mask. "We will not tolerate any disruption on board our aircraft or the airports we serve," Alaska Airlines said in a statement.

    Earlier this week, Trump supporters got into a fight with another passenger on an American Airlines flight from Dallas / Fort Worth to Washington. After the passenger allegedly threatened the Trump supporters, this man was treated racially. Video images of this were shared on social media.

    Sara Nelson, the president of the US cabin crew umbrella organization, says Trump supporters have been guilty of gang behavior aboard several passenger planes. According to Nelson, the behavior was unacceptable and endangered safety on board. She called for a no-fly time for anyone who participated in "violent and inflammatory actions at the Capitol" on Wednesday.

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