• Re: Airshow negated by Bush visit

    From Matt Whiting@1:2320/100 to rec.aviation.piloting on Sat Jan 19 14:27:46 2008
    Allen Prunty wrote:
    Gatt wrote:


    Nevertheless, if we live in a society where F-16s escort antique
    airplanes just because the President is flying through, we've gone

    I refuse to live in fear. If we live in a country where Air Force
    One requires escorts to keep away Stinsons or Jennies, we might as
    well take down the flag and set it on fire 'cause we've lost our
    courage as a nation.

    However, it's pretty clear that the antique pilots should have checked
    with the FAA for TFRs since that's pretty much what everybody has to do.

    Bottom line is Airshows are SCHEDULED... they knew exactly what it was.
    It seems like provisions could have been made so that the airshow could have went on as planned.

    Yes, and people shouldn't post to 3 month dormant threads either, but
    these things happen.
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