• UA to lay-off 16.000+ staff

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Thu Sep 3 16:28:02 2020
    United Airlines plans to lay off 16,370 employees when the US airline industry support package expires on October 1. This includes 6,920 cabin employees, 1,400 administrative and management jobs and 2,850 pilots.

    United had already given up about 36,000 employees in July, but not all of them need to be fired due to a voluntary severance scheme. Competitor American Airlines recently announced that it would cut 19,000 jobs. The complete figures of Delta are not yet known.

    Meanwhile, US airlines continue to lobby for a new bailout package. President Trump said on Tuesday he wanted to help them, but did not provide details.

    --- DB4 - August 7 2020
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