• Amazon takes to the skies

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    Online store Amazon took a big step in the delivery of goods with drones. Amazon Prime Air, the online retailer's drone delivery service, has been designated an official airline by the US aviation authority FAA. As a result, the company has permission to test commercial drone flights in the US.

    The number of online orders has grown considerably in recent years, but the corona virus has further strengthened that growth. Because many physical stores had to close for a long time, many people made their purchases online. The recognition of the FAA is therefore not bad for Amazon.

    Before drone deliveries to people's homes become reality, Amazon
    Prime Air still has to overcome a number of hurdles after the test
    phase. For example, after the test phase, the FAA sets all kinds of regulations before the delivery drones are officially allowed to air.
    Still, the recognition shows that Amazon has convinced the government that this form of freight delivery is safe.

    "This certification is an important step forward for Prime Air. It indicates that the FAA is confident in our procedures for an autonomous drone delivery service that will one day deliver packages to our customers around the world," said David Carbon, Amazon vice president.

    It is not known where Amazon will test drone deliveries in the US. Bloomberg reports that the company has test sites in the northwest of the country. Amazon's headquarters are also located in Seattle. The company has previously carried out experimental deliveries in the United Kingdom.

    Amazon is not the only retailer to receive such FAA approval. The company joins, among others, delivery service UPS and Wing, a subsidiary of Google. The latter party has been carrying out drone deliveries in Virginia since last year. UPS flies medical supplies around a hospital campus in North Carolina with drones.

    --- DB4 - August 7 2020
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