• The taxi-bot

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Sun Jul 26 09:08:19 2020
    Schiphol Airport Amsterdam has deployed the so-called Taxibot for the first time this week. After a trial period, passenger aircraft can now be brought to the runway in a sustainable manner by the hybrid tow vehicle.

    By using the Taxibot, aircraft do not have to taxi to the runway on their own. That saves about 50 to 85 percent fuel on the ground. Trials started in April with aircraft from Corendon, KLM, Transavia and easyJet being towed by the Taxibot.

    In addition to the airport and the airlines, Air Traffic Controlm the groundhandler and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management are also involved in the project.

    The Taxibot is from Smart Airport Systems and was developed in Israel. The vehicle, of which there are currently ten in the world, is powered by a hybrid combination of electric and diesel engines and consumes 95 percent less fuel when taxiing than aircraft engines would.

    --- DB4 - July 1 2020
    * Origin: AVIATION ECHO HQ (2:292/854)