• Air France reduces staff

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Mon Jul 6 10:52:59 2020
    The number was already circulating, but now Air France has confirmed it: more than 7,500 of the 43,000 jobs are disappearing. It does not expect to recover from the crisis until 2024 and therefore no longer needs those people.

    At mainline Air France, 6,500 jobs out of 41,000 jobs are lost. The hardest blows are relatively seen with daughter brand HOP!, where more than 1000 of the 2400 jobs disappear. This is due to the mandatory cutting in domestic flights.

    Air France thinks that about half of the more than 7,500 jobs will disappear by themselves due to natural attrition (retirement, other work, etc.), but a solution must be found for the other half. The airline is discussing this with the influential unions.

    According to Air France, the aim is to have as many employees as possible leave voluntarily, including through an early retirement scheme.

    --- DB4 - July 1 2020
    * Origin: AVIATION ECHO HQ (2:292/854)