• A330 reduction

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Sat Mar 7 00:48:58 2020
    Airbus is considering reducing the annual production of the A330 even further, insiders report to Bloomberg news agency. The aircraft manufacturer recently decided to reduce the production pace to 40 per year.

    The fact that Airbus is considering a further reduction is due to bad news from Malaysia. Price fighter Air Asia X, the largest customer of the A330neo program, has been hit hard by the corona virus outbreak and therefore wants to postpone the delivery of the aircraft.

    Air Asia X has ordered a total of 78 A330-900s and must still receive them all. For the Thai branch of society, two of these aircraft are already leased from Avolon. They have no fewer than 377 seats in a two-class configuration.

    Even before the coronavirus outbreak, orders for widebody aircraft were in a dip. For that reason, competitor Boeing decided to gradually reduce the production rate of the 787 from fourteen to ten per month.

    Now that airlines are seeing their turnover shrink rapidly due to the corona virus, it is unlikely that the widebody market will rebound in the short term.

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