• FAA blamed for certification of faulty 737-MAX aircraft

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Sat Mar 7 00:44:31 2020
    An investigation report from the US House of Representatives on two Boeing 737 MAX crashes, in which 346 people were killed, yielded a devastating outcome for the FAA aviation authority. Reuters news agency reports Friday. The FAA would have approved design errors of the MAX.

    The report in question could already be viewed by Reuters news agency before publication. According to the investigation committee, the certification assessment of the Boeings 737-MAX was completely inadequate. The FAA would not have been able to identify major security issues.

    The 13-page report also notes that Boeing's design was "affected by technical design errors and lack of transparency by both regulators and customers."

    The report adds the findings that should lead to legislative changes to address how US regulators approve new aircraft for maintenance.

    FAA and Boeing have not yet responded.

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