• French mistery air disaster to be solved ?

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    Is the biggest mystery in French aviation history finally solved after 51 years? If it depends on President Macron. It can put the French army in narrow shoes.

    After 51 years, President Macron wants to solve the biggest mystery in French aviation history The plane crash is still commemorated every year in Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica.

    On 11 September 1968, around half past 10 in the morning, the pilot of the Air France flight en route from Corsican Ajaccio to Nice, reported a fire aboard the aircraft. Three minutes before the plane lands, the Caravelle crashes in the Mediterranean Sea, a few kilometers off the coast of Cap d'Antibes. None of the 95 occupants survives the crash.

    Immediately it is rumored that the plane was mistakenly shot down by a French army missile. Rumors that firmly wipe the French army and government off the table. Four years later, a committee of inquiry reports that the cause of the fire is unknown.

    The families of the victims do not stop there: they collect testimonies that contradict the official version. After three unsuccessful attempts, an investigating judge reopens the case. But all attempts to expose the truth end up dead: the file is classified as a "military secret". Now, 51 years later, the Elysee has announced that Macron has instructed its defense minister to initiate the procedure to make the file public.


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