• Problems with 777-X development

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Sun Sep 8 02:08:58 2019
    Boeing is experiencing problems testing the new 777X. According to sources, a so-called cargo door was blown out of the hull of a static test aircraft during so-called "final load tests". The test was then interrupted. It may mean a new setback for Boeing.

    The final load tests are standard part of the certification program of a new aircraft type. A static test aircraft is thereby exposed in an experimental set-up to extreme forces on the wings and fuselage. The test took place under the supervision of the aviation authority FAA.

    According to the Seattle Times, the cargo door failed on Thursday during the pressure tests at the Boeing facilities in Everett, where it was blown out. A 777X employee who was nearby said that he heard a "loud bang" and that the ground was shaking.

    Boeing admitted in a statement that a problem occurred during the final load test of the 777X, which meant that it had to be discontinued. Boeing emphasizes that the conditions being simulated are much harsher (around 150 percent) than a commercial aircraft will ever experience.

    Further investigation must show how the incident could have taken place. It is therefore still unknown whether it will affect the certification program of the 777X. That aircraft is a modernized version of the 777 with new, lighter wings and efficient engines.

    The 777X program is not running according to schedule. Boeing actually wanted to perform the first test flight this summer, but due to problems with the General Electric GE9X engines of the plane, that date has been postponed to early 2020.

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