• Boeing to increase production of the 737 MAX

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    Aircraft manufacturer Boeing has plans to increase the production of the 737 MAX again. According to Reuters news agency, the company informed its suppliers of this. To be able to implement the plans, the American aviation authority FAA must give the aircraft permission to fly again in the fourth quarter.

    Boeing wants to build 47 aircraft from October and from February 52 per month. The latter number is the same as before the airplane had to stay on the ground. Last April Boeing reduced the production pace to 42 aircraft per month and the deliveries to customers were also stopped.

    After production has been brought back to the required level, Boeing wants to further increase it. From June next year, 57 aircraft should roll off the line every month, a record in the production of the aircraft type.

    The Boeing 737 MAX has been banned from flying worldwide for months. That happened after a crash of an aircraft from Ethiopian Airlines as a result of an over-safety system. A few months earlier, a 737 MAX from the Indonesian airline Lion Air had also crashed due to that system. It is still unclear when the aircraft will be assessed as airworthy again after adjustments.

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    Aircraft manufacturer Boeing plans to increase production of the 737 MAX to 57 aircraft per month. That number must be achieved by July 2025.

    According to the Reuters news agency, Boeing wants to significantly increase production of the MAX. The manufacturer wants to deliver 42 aircraft in December this year.

    From then on, monthly production of the 737 should grow to exactly 47.2 aircraft in June 2024 and 52.5 aircraft in December 2024, before reaching a stable number of 57.7 aircraft per month in July. That would be a record for Boeing.

    Before the 737 MAX was grounded in 2019 (after the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes), Boeing was building 52 aircraft per month.

    Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun has indicated that he wants to increase production even further. "I would like to have sixty aircraft per month, there is a market for that," he told Reuters.

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