• Ural Airlines Airbus suffers double bird strike

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Thu Aug 15 13:35:20 2019
    Today an Ural Airlines Airbus A321 (VQ-BOZ) operated flight U6178 between Moscow Zhukovsky Airport and Simferopol International Airport, Ukraine. During take-off, the aircraft suffered a bird strike on both engines forcing the pilots to crash land in a corn field just behind the runway.

    The aircraft carried 226 passengers and 7 crew members, emergency slides were used to evacuate the aircraft. Sources say that between 10 and 15 passengers or crew members with minor injuries have been reported.

    The airline confirmed the accident stating that a large flock of birds hit the aircraft's engines and that the aircraft made an emergency landing.

    The crew members of the Ural Airlines flight and route from Moscow to Simferopol that crash-landed in the Moscow region shortly after takeoff from Zhukovsky International Airport have been suspended until a probe is over, the air carrier's spokesperson told TASS on Thursday. "The crew members have been suspended until a probe is over. This is normal practice", the spokesperson said.

    On videos from passengers that were filming during take-off, it clearly shows that seagulls hit the Airbus and that the aircraft didn't have enough power to gain height.

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