• Hong Kong protest

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Wed Aug 14 01:52:21 2019
    Protests again cause problems at Hong Kong airport on Tuesday. Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong's largest airline, has announced that the check-in is closed for all passengers. This was ordered by the Airport Authority of Hong Kong.

    Cathay Pacific discourages all non-essential journeys from Hong Kong on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Customers are called upon not to come to the airport. They can rebook their air travel free of charge.

    The airport closed on Monday and all outbound air traffic was suspended after about five thousand demonstrators had entered the airport buildings. Air travel was resumed on Tuesday morning, but many flights were canceled.

    Flights from Cathay Pacific that would leave for Hong Kong from Amsterdam and Brussels on Tuesday have been canceled. A KLM flight to Hong Kong did leave on Tuesday afternoon.

    UPDATE 5.30 pm: On Sky News video footage it can be seen that protesters built barricades with luggage carts. The police were also pelted with objects when they entered the terminal.

    The Hong Kong stock market fell to a low point in seven months. The United Nations urged Hong Kong to exercise restraint as protests increase.

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