• Norwegian stopping transatlantic Ireland flights

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Wed Aug 14 01:49:06 2019
    Norwegian will stop all transatlantic flights from Ireland on 15 September. According to the Norwegian price fighter, this decision is necessary because of the continuing uncertainty about when the Boeing 737 MAX fleet can be put back into service. This type of aircraft has been on the ground for five months now.

    A total of six routes from Dublin, Cork and Shannon airports to New York Stewart and Providence in the US and Hamilton in Canada were previously operated with the 737 MAX. This economical aircraft combines a limited passenger capacity with a large flight range.

    Because the 737 MAX fleet must remain on the ground, Norwegian was (and is) forced to use other, less sustainable aircraft to be able to operate the flights. This was partly due to wet lease aircraft. That turned out to be a costly affair. Because the uncertainty about 737 MAX persists, Norwegian has decided to pull the plug out of the routes. The airline has been flying from Ireland to North America since 2017.

    Norwegian says to go in consultation with the unions to prevent the firing of pilots and cabin crew in Dublin. Office staff of Norwegian Air International and subsidiary Arctic Aviation Assets stationed in Ireland were not affected.

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