• Embraer for SkyWest

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Tue Aug 13 10:11:07 2019
    The American airline SkyWest Airlines has placed an order for seven Embraer 175s. The deal involves around $ 750 million. The aircraft, which can accommodate seventy passengers, are deployed on regional flights of Delta Air Lines.

    SkyWest has been a good customer for Embraer for years. Including the new order, the airline purchased no fewer than 165 aircraft from the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer. Before that, SkyWest was also an enthusiastic user of the Embraer 120 turboprop.

    In addition to seven factory-new Embraers, SkyWest also receives six used copies via Delta. Seven ordered Bombardier CRJ900s are canceled by the deal.

    Delta also extended its cooperation with Republic Airways, which also operates on regional flights for Delta and receives 30 more Embraers.

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