• MH17 and the trolls

    From Aviation HQ@2:292/854 to All on Mon May 13 23:51:26 2019
    At least 65,000 tweets were sent in the first two days after the shoordown of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in July 2014, blaming Ukraine.

    Initially it was reported that 1400 Russian Twitter messages were involved. They were sent by employees of a troll factory in St. Petersburg.

    According to a weekly, the tweets are largely Russian and offer insight into an information center that is as centrally coordinated as it is short-lived. From an office building in a suburb of St. Petersburg, hundreds of employees get involved in online discussions day in, day out. It is their job to drive conversations and to sow discord.

    During this large-scale disinformation campaign, Russian trolls had to convince the world that Ukraine shot the MH17 airplane as a provocation. All 298 passengers were killed by the shooting of the Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines and originating in Amsterdam.

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